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The goal of the yoga is the attainment of nirwana or of complete awakening from the Sangsara, simultaneously with which comes the Supreme Realization that both the N and the S are eternally indistinguisahably one. And this constitutes the Great Liberation.
What purpose is served by concentrating the mind upon some external object by attaining mental one-pointedness?
Control! The finite aspect of mind, undominated by awareness (yoga, ed.), is as a wild horse. ..
The whole aim is research into the origin, nature and powers of the dynamo, the mind, the energy of which runs the body….
The sangsara (‘materialiteit) is no more than one’s own thought. .
1. the initial comprehension that the finiteness of mind is due to eaons of misdirected concept-forming.
2. after the necessay halting of the thought-process has been accomplished, the yogic psychic analysis of the mental content
3. the discovery of the purely illusory character of the concepts forming the mental content
4. the inevitable disillusionment concerning the world of apparent reality
5. the resultant birth of an indomitable resolve to purge the mind of its Ignorance and thereby restore it to its primordial naturalness.
6. the realization of the psychic inseparableness and at-one-ment of all things and minds, eaquivalent to the realization of that native homogeneity innate in man and postulated by occidental psychologists as being more clearly discernable in the mind of the child. (…A child still has the oneness…)
7. the Ineffable Union with the One Mind, which is the transcendent fruit of Yoga, or divine yoking of the microcosmic, with the macrocosmic, the complete sublimation of Life, the Transmutation of ignorance into Wisdom
Until this elimination is accomplished, man can not enjoy mental health.
Right inquiry is the only efficacious method of tranquillizing the mind. Although the mind may brought and kept under control by other means, such, for example, as breath regulation (prana), it invariably rebounds again and again. So long as the breath is restrained , the mind remains tranquil, but the moment the restrain is relaxed, the mind bounds up, and is tossed about by its inherent tendencies resulting from past deeds (karma).
Both the mind and the vital forces (prana) have a common source. Thoughts are the manifestation of the mind. The thought ‘I’ is the root- thougt which first springs from the mind, and this is egoism. Prana arise from the same source as egoism. Therefore when prana is controlled, the mind too, is controlled; and when the mind is controlled the breathing is brought under control. Breath is considered to be the gross expression of index of the mind. During one’s lifetime the mind keeps the prana within in the body , and at the moment of death the mind and prana depart from the body simultaneously.

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